Recorded Sound

David Giovannoni has been playing old records ever since he could climb a chair and peer into a Victrola. His lifelong interest in sound has led to a significant collection of early cylinder and disc records, which he makes available to historians, researchers, producers, and others with far-reaching applications. For instance, the Library of Congress is incorporating his Victor Pre-Matrix Recordings into its National Jukebox. His holdings of pioneer Victor Talking Machine (1900-1903) and American Berliner (1892-1900) recordings are the largest of their kind.

As a private collector Giovannoni has curated two collections that have been inducted onto the National Recording Registry by the Librarian of Congress:

He contributes to several major discographies, in particular the Discography of American Historical Recordings and the web-based version of Dick Spottswood's landmark "Ethnic Music on Record." His ongoing historical reissue work and writing have garnered seven personal Grammy nominations and one Grammy.

Compact Disc and Vinyl Productions

Giovannoni has contributed recordings, images, research, transfer and restoration services to numerous CD reissues, most recently:

His audio restoration work can be heard on:

Other Audio Activities

Giovannoni's archives and expertise are available to select researchers and producers. Notable productions on which he's been consulted include:

Requests for specific recordings or information will be considered.